July 24, 2011

Ah, life. What a funny thing it is when we think we understand life and what it is trying to teach us. We plan, we expect, we think we have it all figured out. And then we wake up.

I am on a mini vacation from work and my life this weekend, and it has been very awakening for my soul. I see so many things more clearly now after taking a step back and reassessing. I am deeply moved to make Art when I return home. There is a new purpose within me to follow my instincts and move further along my path toward the next great adventure. 

In recent weeks I was looking in one direction, not seeing the other paths laid out before me like rays surrounding the sun 360* in every direction. Today I am filled with wanderlust and a desire for another road trip. Perhaps tomorrow I will meander to a new locale and hang out in new surroundings before heading home.

When I planned this weekend, I had a certain mindset for what it was going to be like. From the beginning, I found out it was not going to be what I expected at all. At first I had to process the change. It seemed too drastic and sudden. It seemed I had relied too much on my previous experiences and thought patterns to make sense of where I was at. But each day the Universe teaches me that I have so much more to learn before settling in one place with my Spirit. 

Today, after sleeping well, and waking up with my coffee, I am looking at my life with fresh eyes and seeing what should have been so obvious before. I am not ready to be "set" yet. I am too fluid and my desires are still changing from one day to the next as I learn more about myself and where I am going with my life.

I feel today that there is a great new adventure before me. It is not about my family, my job, or anyone special in my life. It is about my Spirit, and my Art, and my personal path to fulfillment. It is a very clear and gently paved path with trees on either side and bright sunlight shining through the branches onto the road. I shall follow along while my guides lead me to that magical place where my muse can speak serenely to my soul and prompt me to create the the stories that beg to be released in pictures and in words. 

I will create and I will write and I will paint and I will sew and I will bring wildly delightful creations to life with all of my talents. I will share these creations with the world and my heart and soul will be satisfied from doing what I was meant to do. 

Whatever else happens along the way with life and relationships and responsibilities will be secondary to it all. For I will be feeding my Spirit and that is all that life requires...


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