July 1, 2011

The drive home is always the best part

[I found an old draft from last week that never got published. Oops! Wednesday, June 22nd:]

Whenever I meet with certain friends, I am always pleased to walk away with a mind filled with new excitement, new possibilities, new choices on my journey...

Last night was no exception. After a telephone chat with my favorite admirer, a friend caught me just in time to discuss getting together. Being a lover of spontaneity and late nights, I agreed to leave immediately and meet for conversation. I am so glad that I did. Some of my favorite friends to hang out with on my days off are my late-night kindred spirits.

I drove to Tampa and laughed and chatted, and, as usual, the drive home was the best part. Letting the words of the evening sink in and resonate to the tune of the music playing over my speakers. This is when I am the happiest. Last week I drove home from a long night and the entire drive had me replaying the night in my mind. Savoring the memories, letting the flow of my spirit teach me what to take away from each experience.

And my favorite thing that happened yesterday? Someone looked me in the eye and told me I was beautiful.

It came from a most unexpected source, which made it almost believable. They meant it, I was sure, and that's what made me almost believe it. It felt good. Sometimes I think when you are strong and independent people don't know how much you still cherish hearing how special you are to someone.

Everyone wants to know they are important to someone. I have learned enough on my journey that I will only spend my time with people that are special to me, and tonight reminded me I should not hold back in letting them know it.


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