July 21, 2011

Flowing along...

Living in the flow is going great! It feels good to be back in my groove again. I am tan and look really good, I have been all kinds of productive this "weekend" off work, I am solidly back into my healthy journey, and now I am going to relax and give myself permission to chill today. I have already gotten a day's worth of stuff done before 11am anyway.

Last night I was working on an important project and it turned out that I was not meant to hang out in Orlando with my buddy. Instead I went to the mall, found my skirt for my costume on a ridiculous sale, then I had a great phone conversation that made my whole day. :-) I finished the evening by working on the apartment for an hour with the kids and it no longer looks like a storage unit in my living room. Yay!! We even reorganized the balcony and it is so much nicer now. Naturally, I celebrated by watching several Foamy cartoons on Youtube. LOL

Today I was going to work on organizing the dining room Studio, but all I really want to do right now is sleep. I am slightly overwhelmed that half of the boxes that came back from the storage were filled with MORE Art stuff and crafty supplies. UGH! 

The layout of our last apartment made for such a beautiful Studio. This dining room is half the size to begin with, has less walls and a more "open floor plan". It's very nice if you were going to use it as a dining room. However, it is not conducive to shelves, bookcases, and cubbies filled with supplies for every craft known to the Western world. UGH!

It will definitely take some creative organizing to make all of my tools readily available for when the mood strikes. I am realizing that this is why I have hardly made any new work in months. I do not have easy access to any of my supplies. As it is, I have resigned myself to the fact that all of my needlework supplies have decided to reside in the living room. I thought that might be enough to free up the dining room, but that didn't last long once the final load from the storage unit made it over. 

So, for now, I will go back to my bed, do a meditation, and perhaps take a nap. Maybe my organizational muse will wake me with a great idea that will pull it all together. LOL


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