April 22, 2012

Bucket List

I started a Bucket List last year on a forum online. I found it again and thought it would be interesting to post it here...

My Bucket List:

1. Get a Ph.D in Metaphysical Sciences and/or Comparative Religion

2. Get a pilot's license so I can fly small planes like my dad did when I was young.

3. Learn to play the piano.

4. Have a bank account with more than $80,000 in it.

5. Be in two places at the same time.

6. Sell a piece of my art for over $1000.

7.Get a passport

8. Travel to Tibet and Shanghai

9. Spend a year in Greece

10. Dye my hair hot pink

11. Have the money to go to the Spa monthly and the salon weekly.

12. Own an RV and paint it wild colors like a Hippie/Artist

13. Write a bestselling novel

14. Make a documentary

15. Have someone fall in love with me before I fall in love with them.

16. Teach a children's Art Class

17. Meet my favorite author, Gregg Braden

18. Take another cruise, this time just me and the companion of my choice. (Someone that is not married to me or blood related. LOL)

19. Have my dream job of being a regular columnist for a monthly or weekly publication.

20. Attending the Academy Awards with my son when he wins his first Oscar for Best Director or Best Screenplay.

21. View the Sistine Chapel

22. See a Broadway play ON BROADWAY.

23. Stand in the crown of the Statue of Liberty

24. Go to the farthest NW point of Washington State AND Alaska

25. Go to the farthest NE point of Maine. 

Now, these are not in order of importance, and the list was grown over the course of a week. 

Today I would combine the last two, and simply say "Travel all 50 states." I would also change #8 to a few different locations.

Other than that, I would simply add to the list. :-)


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