May 16, 2012


No one told me it would get harder as they got older

No one warned me that a 22 year old son can need you more than a 2 year old son

No one ever said my heart would break so many times for them

And who would?

Who would say that you are going to feel a helplessness after hanging up the phone that can swallow you whole...

I thought worrying about a child in a country far away was my biggest fear. But alas, she seems to be doing better than all the others.

Last night I had to give suggestions, offer solutions, share wisdom, and most of all- beg him to come home immediately, without pushing too hard.

Today he told me that he feels much better about things knowing he is coming back. I thought he meant "back to where he is." He meant back home. :-)

Pack. Sleep. Drive.

That's the plan.

And I will be waiting with open arms and unconditional love and support.

Thank you Lord.

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Cassidy Lancaster said...

You are the best mom ever. I love you so much. Thanks for always being there for us, especially when we need it the most! Love you!