August 10, 2012

I never learn

I am 42 years old and sometimes I still refuse to see what is right in front of my face. My closest friends are laughing right now.

I should have my woman card revoked. Seriously. I have disregarded the number one rule of understanding men:

1. When he shows you who he really is PAY ATTENTION! It will never change.

False promises, broken plans, telling me what I want to hear only after copious amounts of alcohol, or when I am safely engaged to someone else.

And yet, I still go back and let myself get too close. Each time I fall harder because we have more history, more memories. How many times can one heart break?

I'm so tired of being in this place. It only gets harder each time. I guess it's time to get my head straight. Here's hoping my heart gets the message.

It is what it is. Nothing more. Never has been, never will be.

Maybe *that* should be my first tattoo.

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