October 16, 2013


I am currently reading "John Lennon: The Life." I am about one third of the way through this long tome, and it has already deeply affected me. I have consequently been drawn to very specific Beatles songs that are in sync with my soul and where I stand on my journey.

For several days Eleanor Rigby ran through my head. I began to see in pictures again, and Art was waiting to be made. Before I had a chance to follow through, a whole new situation brought another song. This time, it was Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. 

I see her floating in mid air with her tiny blonde pigtails sticking out to the sides of her little face as she glides along like a ballerina. This one will be a cross stitch design for sure. Lucy is in my heart, and she is guiding me. Perhaps she is my Muse?

I also see a canvas, and a doll. Maybe she is a mascot just for me? The last doll I made was supposed to be... But she had her own ideas about her style. In the end, I was quite pleased with how she turned out, but she was not the personal mascot that I had expected her to be.

Lucy is different. Lucy speaks to me and shows me quite clearly what she looks like and how she moves. She carries flowers, just picked from her latest adventure. And she has a little bag strung across her body for keeping her treasures safe. Trinkets from her many adventures...

Lucy laughs and it sounds like bells hanging from tree branches flowing in the breeze. She has that little angel voice that that sweet baby girls always have. Her eyes are wide with wonder at the world around her...

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