November 11, 2009


Eleven eleven. 
Seems as good as any other day to begin the new blog.

In my soul, I am a writer and an artist. I have always been an information junkie with a thirst for knowledge, and my social character gives me a natural drive for sharing what I learn. I am a student of the human condition. I love people and I am fascinated by our differences, our similarities, and by learning what makes us tick.

The challenge for me is understanding why other human beings in the same situations, faced with the same facts and circumstances, don't naturally have the same instinctive reactions that I do. This simply drives me to learn more.

My art has generally been centered around the idea that we are all unique and we do not fit in little boxes with labels. Life is messy and random and that's what makes it beautiful. Recently, I went back to college and my eyes are opening wider every day. My soul is flourishing and I am happier than I have ever been. My brain is overflowing with new concept, ideas, stories to express through my art. I am filled with new knowledge, truths, and facts that I can't keep to myself.

Through the years I dabbled in writing, blogging, and expressing myself through words. When I wasn't writing formally, words were sprinkled through my art, my designing, my decor. Words Words Words

Now it is time for me to pull it all together in one place and nurture the gift. I will write and I will create and when I am ready to share it, I will bring it here. Perhaps another human will find it worthy of reaction. Perhaps they will share what it made them feel. Or perhaps they won't. But either way, I will finally be honoring my spirit by doing what I was meant to do.

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