November 12, 2009


November 9, 2009

It seems like everywhere I look, pieces of my destiny are looking back. It's not a complete picture yet, but I can feel a change in the air.

Synchronicity happening more and more frequently... More pieces from my past connecting with my present without an accompanying explanation. It feels like my whole life was leading me to this moment- right here, right now.

And I am preparing. I don't even know what I am preparing for, but I am readying my mind, my spirit, my soul. 

Each day I meet another who feels it too. More and more people are opening up to some kind of fundamental awareness. Like coming out of a deep sleep and not knowing how long you've been out, or what the day ahead of you holds in store.

And my hopes, my dreams, my desires have settled. I am serenely calm and content where I am in this space of learning. I have heard many times "When the Student is ready, the Teacher will come." My Teacher is on the journey toward me, sending messengers ahead to prepare me. When they arrive, all of the dots will be connected... In the meantime, I am opening my heart and my mind. Every hour I am mining more dots around the edge, but the final picture is not in focus yet.

So many things others expect of me now. So many things I "probably should do", but none of it matters. Whatever is coming is bigger than me and I will be used as a tool to uncover it, translate it, or shine a light upon it. This I can feel.

In my classes, the same topics come up in unrelated subjects. Like bells and whistles that only I can hear. Recurrent themes that are only seen from where I sit.


I moved here eleven years ago. While I was driving down 75 with my family and our life packed in the truck behind me, we crossed the border and I knew I was called here for a reason. Many years and lessons later I realize that whatever I am here for is right now, in this place, with this wisdom.

I pick up a concept and study it and meditate on it and do a search. It leads me to more... and more... and more... And in the end I am nowhere near anyplace I thought I would be. Doors are unlocked, windows are opened, and the fresh air of truth blows through me...

Why did I have to find this? Why do I need to know that? How does it all fit together- and what does it ultimately mean?

Come, Teacher, show me. 

I am here...

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