June 27, 2011

Picture a Day #2

I forgot to post yesterday's picture a day. Stoney and I have been discussing the fact that DC is going to keep 52 titles and begin all over again with 52 Issue #1's!!!!! Crazy talk! Everyone is questioning how the story lines will play out through that hot mess. 

Anyway, this led me to check out the website while we were talking at building 11, and I found these:

Wow!!!!! I have wanted a pair of Chuck's for a long time, but ever since they discontinued the perfect shade of turquoise, I simply haven't been able to find a pair fit for a Queen. Until now. 

(Of course, my first choice was The Flash high tops, but they are already sold out.)

Now, if only I could justify $60 for a pair of shoes I can only wear once in a while...


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