June 25, 2011

Picture a Day?

Day #1: Got out of work early and I actually have my car for two hours, so I headed to Starbucks for a Skinny Vanilla to celebrate my new life! Also seen in the picture is my laptop, my art journal and my writing journal. Both journals are filling up nicely these days. :-) It won't be long before I finally kick that Mermaid's butt and get her on my wall. She speaks to me almost daily now.

In other news, The Happiness Diet has the weight falling off at amazing speed and everyone is
noticing now. My confidence is through the roof and I am doing all sorts of things that I
haven't done in years to take care of myself. Nail polish, make-up, sprays and lotions. I forgot how much work it was to look like a girl. LOL But it is beyond time I put myself first in my own life, right?

Work was crazy last night. By 1am, I was convinced someone had put an Engineering curse on my
resort. UGH. It's amazing how cranky tourists can get when the air conditioning chiller breaks down two nights in a row in the same building. Then there was the pipe leaking between the walls that could not be addressed until the morning due to the noise it would make for the guests that DIDN'T get room changed for the leak. UGH TWICE. Now I was thinking about water pouring through the building at an unknown speed until daylight... Luckily the other 28 buildings appeared to be in working order...

Then there was the incognizant Deputy that made my guest cry. I simply cannot tolerate ignorance and stupidity. I have heard it said more than once in recent years that police academies were no longer hiring for intelligence, good judgement, and people skills. Rather, they were hiring brawn that would mindlessly follow orders and strong arm the public as the global agenda marched forth. Well, having had several close friends and relatives that were big city officers, I really felt that was an extreme assessment. Until last night...

On my way to a call, I was walking behind two young men who were discussing gun laws in FL versus gun laws in their state (CT maybe??). I couldn't help but interject that we did, indeed, have excellent gun laws here. I knew I was referring to the freedoms we enjoy in Florida, but they didn't get into that. I did mention how the cities like New York and Chicago that have the handgun ban for private citizens also have the highest crime rates in the nation. The buff, shirtless young man turned to look at me and proceeded to tell me that was fantastic because he was a cop and didn't want to get shot at. To which I replied that the criminals will always get guns, but when private citizens legally own guns, crime rates have historically fallen because even criminals don't want to be shot. However, he was already walking the other way droning on with the scrawny guy in the t-shirt and jeans that simply nodded and agreed with the young cop, showing his role as the sidekick in their relationship dynamic.

I proceeded upstairs to the room requiring a report from the hotel and local law enforcement to replace medicine they had lost. Everything was going rather well with this lovely family from the Midwest when we decided they did need a report from the police in order to get a replacement prescription for narcotics; medication the mom truly needed to get through each day.

The Deputy that responded was worse than the kid downstairs. He had biceps bigger than his IQ, and an attitude to match. His utter lack of basic communication skills left my guest in tears, her husband ready for a fight, and myself desperate to have a conversation with someone who can read and write. TREBLE UGH.

I went back to building 11 and contemplated the many reports I could look forward to while taking a much needed break. By now I had dealt with numerous guest situations, apologized to too many people for having no air conditioning, and gone into all three shops for last minute needs after hours. It was time to take a breath and catch up with my night.

The good thing about these non-stop nights is how fast the time flies. Once the calls die down, you are so busy playing beat the clock to get your reports in that daylight sneaks up on you. I left feeling that rush of a job well done, and drove off into the sunrise.

As I drove, my mind wandered to a half-written email in my drafts folder. I am researching some new and different things that are making me think about who I really am. I am reminded just how strong, smart, and capable I am. I am feeling my inner Goddess for the first time in years, and it is time for this Queen to sit proudly on her throne. And so I will....

The email is an attempt to show someone that their patience with me is paying off. Patience truly is a virtue and time to contemplate my life and my desires has led me to a place that can only be beneficial to both of us. I have referred to the Tipping Point more than once because that concept resonates with me. Perhaps because with each new day of research, I am finding something in myself that I had no idea was waiting to be nurtured and given an outlet.

Today I write, I read, I play. Life is good again and it can only get better from where I am standing.


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