June 23, 2011


I am grateful for the gift of writing and the opportunity to face my inner demons.

For every time that I face my truths head on and walk through the storm, there is a brighter rainbow on the other side than the last one.

This time is no different. Today I allowed myself to fully feel my emotions and immerse myself in hidden pains. Once the lesson was over, I was exhausted. I thought I would go to the pool, but I ended up laying down for a nap.  Sleep never did arrive, but the restful time spent reading and exploring refreshed me.

I can honestly say I feel empowered now. I accept who I am, how I feel, and where I want to go next on my journey. Most of all, it feels good to know that I am strong enough to do the inner work that will allow me to get there and not let my emotions overwhelm me. 

So many people let their fears hold them back. I would rather face them head on, clear them from my path and continue to make significant progress each and every day.

Sure, it won't be easy opening every part of my life with someone new. But I can see now that it would be selfish not to, when they will surely benefit in the end. 

It's funny how in your own mind something seems like such a big deal, but when someone says it back to you in the simplest terms it sounds utterly ridiculous that you were worried. 

Hopefully this will simply be another example of that same experience.


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