June 6, 2011

Time for an update, don'tcha think?

Well, much has happened since I began this New Year in my new life. This time I started over in a much better place than ever before. A nicer home, an established career, a better attitude. Although, I did take some time off from school and work to regroup.

I stayed in for most of January and February just chilling and getting a handle on my emotions and my plans for the future. I was an island of self-sufficiency and, in time, I found a place of peace... in my heart and in my mind. Eventually I reached a place where I was able to forgive Dean and I for our choices that led us to this point. And, while I still have no desire to ever see him or speak to him again, I did text him two weeks ago and told him to finalize things already.

In March the little kids and I drove to Alabama to pick up Annie, our Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy.

We have a million pictures of this precious baby who has stolen our hearts. :-)

In April I returned to Mitchell, Indiana for the Hoosier Stitchers Retreat and a visit to see Alex at Franklin College. It was an amazing time! The girls were all as excited to see me as I was to see them and I came home inspired for new designs and new projects. Seeing Alex in his element is always a great time, too. This year we decided to forgo the hotel and I stayed with him in his dorm. Excellent choice! We made a bunch of new memories during our brief time together and then I headed back home.

I drove home with a horrible migraine from a change in my meds and it took two weeks to feel better. But once I was feeling like myself again, I did what I always do... I jumped into my life with both feet and started LIVING again. LOL

I've been journaling, reconnecting with old friends, making new friends, and even DATING again. Ah, there's some stories! LOL But I'll save those for later. For now, just know that I am still here and I am as adventurous as ever. :-)


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