July 12, 2011

Good Riddance!

I just wrapped up the most challenging week I had at work since last November! It feels good to be off until Thursday. And, I have no restrictions on my free time this week. I can do whatever I want, whenever I want- a REAL weekend! 

I guess all of the emotional crap I have been clearing out of my head has really helped my process. I actually let myself deal with Sunday morning's ordeal on Sunday. No stuffing and pretending I'm fine. I did what I knew I needed to do as the day went along, and I allowed myself to feel what I needed to feel. By Monday morning I was doing much better. By last night, I already felt like myself again. 

Now I am home and trying to decide what to do first. It's actually a really nice day today. The sun is shining and the sky is beautiful. If the pool was open I would go right now. Unfortunately, I will probably fall asleep before it does.

I have books to read, and art to work on, and projects to pursue...


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