July 5, 2011

Life is Good!

This has been an amazing weekend. I am happier than I have been in years, I have reconnected with some old friends, made some new friends, and learned more about myself along the way.

As I mentioned Thursday, I am fully in the here and now, back in my own skin again and happier than ever. I feel as happy and satisfied with my life as I did a few years ago, the last time I was single. Sure, I still need to work on some areas of my life, like my Art and business stuff, and I need to deal with my financial goals, but otherwise everything is great.

This weekend at work was really fun. As busy as we were, I did meet some new people that bring fresh air and fresh perspective to our routine, and one of them is already turning out to be a cool new friend. Tonight I finally saw an old friend who picked up overtime at our place and we got a chance to catch up a bit and make plans to do breakfast next weekend. Apparently, it has been five years since we've talked! 

In other news, the makeover was a good move. I'm getting used to my new look and getting a lot of positive feedback as well. Like any big change, it takes some time to feel normal, but now I'm settled in and pleased with my decision. Every time I look in the mirror, I am reminded that I am in a whole new place on my journey. :-)

The weight loss is going well, too. I am consistently two sizes smaller in all of my clothes now. I have very specific goals as far as dates and milestones for my total makeover. I don't think I've ever had this much fun getting healthier.

So, I can finally say that the past is the past and I am just enjoying each day as it happens. It gets easier to take one day at a time the longer I live in my natural flow. It is so much more fun to see what each day brings when I stop over-thinking and over-analyzing everything. I realize that I don't always know what I want, and that's ok. I don't have to decide as long as I am happy every day. Inspiration is everywhere and ideas are flowing again. The people that know me the best are happy to see me being ME again. 

And so am I...


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