July 7, 2011

Picture a Day #9, 10, 11 & 12

Picture of the Day #9 Sunday, July 3:

Sunday was a gorgeous Florida day and I spent it well. Whenever I see a perfect blue Florida sky with big fluffy clouds floating effortlessly above the palms, it reminds me of who I really am. This was taken on my way home from Barnes & Noble, after breakfast with Rosemary. Little did I know I was ten minutes away from being stuck in a parking lot on I-4!

Picture A Day #10 July 4:

I have to be honest and admit that I slept from morning to evening and missed all of the celebration. Don't misunderstand- I take our freedom VERY seriously. I simply did not get a fresh picture for this project.

Picture a Day #11 July 5:

This was the best part of my whole last week at work. Yes, John and I reconnected after five years. He was another dear friend who helped me through my first divorce and we will be friends forever. He is a an extremely intelligent, quirky character who never fully lets people in, but I am always proud to call him my friend.

Picture a Day #12 July 6:

Every Tuesday when we get home from dinner at Nana's house, Annie is exhausted from playing with two giant labs! LOL She always ends up in her napping spot pretty quickly after we get home.

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