July 7, 2011

Seriously behind...

Well, I have been out living my great life and I got behind on my blogging. Sure, I did send some recent posts through my iPhone email from work, but it's not the same as writing on my laptop. There is something about the full blogging experience with my keyboard in my lap while I am relaxing and letting my mind wander on subjects to write about.

I have still been journaling like crazy, though. I do feel I am at my highest expression of myself when I am writing regularly. It feeds my spirit in so many ways. The thoughts ebb and flow and take on a life of their own until I simply must let them out onto the paper to make sense of it all. Looking back over the weeks and months of writing helps me stay focused on my growth, as well. 

Speaking of growth, I am really proud of myself. It feels really good to be happy when I look in the mirror. I am settled into my new look and more motivated than ever to keep making positive changes in my daily routine. The fast results are just astounding now that I am happy again. I forgot how easy it is to move forward once the blocks are cleared out of the way. The snowball has reached the point of momentum downhill and it's speeding up all the time. 

Yesterday was a particularly good day. I ran around in the morning with Madalin and we got more accomplished than I expected to before Noon. By one o'clock I was the first to arrive at Applebee's for the Wednesday date with mom and Tara and I actually got to catch up a bit before it got too busy. 

From there I made my drive to see the boytoy. I had a great time. Sure, I brought a movie that was NOT at all what I remembered from seeing it 25 years or so ago. LOL But we talked, and we laughed, and it felt like we were really on the same page the whole time. It's really fun now that we have spent enough time together to have our own silly private jokes and stories. I'm looking forward to spending a whole weekend together soon.

I am also really looking forward to work tonight. We have so many fun people working extra shifts to help us with all of the Latin Season craziness. It seems like almost every night I see an old friend I used to work with in Security, or meet someone new with fresh conversation. I am especially proud of how my team steps up their game to meet the demands of our busiest season of the year. I work with some fine people that make me proud to be in the thick of it with them. 

So, yeah, life is good! :-) I think I'll just sit back and enjoy it for a while. I've certainly worked hard enough to get here.


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