July 20, 2011

Remember Who You Are...

Last week I gave a friend some advice. She had a mess on her hands and wasn't sure which way to go with it. This week, she thanked me for my advice. She said I told her something that made her step back and take another look and everything worked out great.

My advice to her? "Remember Who You Are." I told her to remember who she really was and the answer would become obvious. I reminded her that she is a strong, smart, capable woman who didn't need anyone to make her feel happy. She said this helped her put everything back into proper perspective and her week turned out to be pretty wonderful.

Too many times we get so caught up in our fear of what "might" happen based on past experiences. This fear holds us back from truly living today and not allowing ourselves to see and connect with the happiness standing at our door.

The moment you let go of yesterday and take a chance on today, you free yourself from expectations, old habits and self-sabotage. You lighten your spirit and let new blessings in that are better than you've ever let yourself imagine. How is this possible? 

We attract what we spend our precious energy on. This has been proven over and over, and countless people have made millions writing books about it. In the end, it is a simple law of physics. Like attracts like. Call it self-fulfilling prophecy. Call it whatever you want. The bottom line is that you will get what you expect to get.

So, let go of yesterday, or "last time" and give the Universe a chance to bring something new into your awareness. You just might be amazed at the beautiful things that manifest in your reality. 

I am having a beautiful week now that I am back in my natural flow. I am more productive with less effort, I am renewed in my efforts at better health, I am having a blast with my kids, and I am connecting with more friends that I have been missing recently.

Most of all, I am more excited than ever for this weekend. I have been looking forward to it already, but now I am sure it will be amazing. How do I know this? Because I am going with the flow... no expectations, no stress, no pressure. Just showing up for my life each day and letting my journey unfold before me. 

The most amazing things have happened in my flow. People have come to me that I will cherish forever. Things have happened that have turned my life on its ear. Glimpses of a future so much better than I ever thought possible. I am almost afraid to dream for fear I will limit the beauty headed my way. 

I wish this kind of joyful freedom for everyone reading this. Life is a gift. Don't be afraid to unwrap it.


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