July 14, 2011

Stream of Consciousness...

So many things swirling in my head today. Trying to make sense of it all... It was a weekend filled with sleep, time for myself, and time with the one person I wanted to see. It was a good weekend filled with laughter, peace, progress, music and movies. I saw things I had been waiting to see, and heard things I had been waiting to hear. I made mistakes, I learned lessons, and I made progress within myself. 

Today has been a lazy day taking one moment at a time to think, read, meditate, sleep, and just be. The weekend's turmoil is still haunting me much more than I realized and I am working to assimilate the emotions into my consciousness... My dreams have been expressing to my psyche what I am hiding beneath the surface. Vivid dreams that feel so real, I am grateful to wake up and find that I didn't really make those choices... Things I want and need are just out of my grasp and I am not sure how to fit it all together. 

Today's planetary alignments are telling me to stay within and leave others to their own devices. This is a time to leave my usual Aries fiery attitude and impulsivity at the door and play by the rules. In a few days things will be back to normal and I have great changes on the horizon. Goals accomplished, rewards for my efforts... Next week will be about reaping what I have sown. Today is for patience and pondering.

Colors, threads, fabrics, beads are all calling to me today. I am working on an old project I uncovered recently. It is time for her to see the light of day and show me what she desires to be. This faceless, half painted beauty has decided that now is her time and we shall play together until we find what we are feeling has properly materialized. It seems fitting since she was begun long before, the last time I was in this cycle. 

Perhaps she has arrived now to lead me in a new direction...

feeling the day...~

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