July 14, 2011

Six weeks~

It was six weeks and it was wonderful. 

As she sat in her favorite local hang out, she thought about the evening spent with him. It was definitely revealing. Several things about the tone of the night left an impression on her, and it was all good. He finally said some things she needed to hear, and the cues she didn't miss reinforced her confidence as they moved forward toward their next meeting.

During the last six weeks she had experienced many different thoughts and feelings. She faced her fears of letting someone in, she faced her issues with not trusting herself, and she even faced the fact that she was inclined to let her future pay for her past. All of these issues surfaced, were dealt with, and she moved happily forward on this path. Tonight was the reward. They are still happy to see each other and each was finding their way to admitting it was good.

She looked forward to next weekend. Surely they would have good conversation, plenty of laughter, and fun new memories. She was excited to think about sharing more of herself and learning more about him over the course of the weekend. She appreciated that he wanted to include her in his interests. So far, she had found her own enjoyment in these varied experiences just as much as she enjoyed watching his eagerness to share them with her.

In the earlier visits she found it awkward to deal with someone who had lived such a different experience than she had. She liked him very much, but she had wondered if either of them would be able to get past their differences. As the weeks went by and they spent more time together, she found that he was just as open-minded as she was and they could always find a middle ground.

It was such a refreshing change from anything she had ever experienced before. This adventure was getting better all the time and she was ready to fully let go and give it everything she had. Tonight she was happy.

It was six weeks and it was wonderful~

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