August 4, 2011


This morning I was on my way home from Spring Hill when I got a bug in my ear to take a detour. I normally roam my way East on 52 until 301 jogs me to 98 the rest of the way. Today I hit I-75 and decided I needed to feel the breeze. Once I was on the road headed toward I-4, there was only one choice left to make: Do I get to B & N in Brandon when they open at 9am? Or, do I FINALLY get to that Airstream dealer at McIntosh Rd?

The next thing I knew I was pulling into Bates RV and by 9:20 Hal was showing me the Silver Bullets! 

We looked at the International 19 first and I was instantly in love. 

Then he showed me a 16... hmm... I did LOVE the panoramic view with the bed sideways in the back, but the rest of the trailer gave up so much to get it. The rear windows only come that way on the 16 in the International model. 

So, I went home and looked at the other models... What do you know? The Flying Cloud 20 Has the full bath AND the sideways bed with the panoramic window!!

AND, the FC20 is about $10,000 LESS than the Intl 16! Go figure. I've always been a "less is more" kind of person, and paying more money for less square footage just doesn't entice me. I've made enough of a mental adjustment going from a Class C to an Airstream.

So, now I need to get looking at what my next vehicle will be. Annabelle and I were sincerely planning on a GreenTea Latte Roller Skate KIA Soul sometime next year.

I am not willing to give up that dream for some ugly SUV just to tow a Land Yacht...

Decisions, decisions...~

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