August 8, 2011

Finally found the words...

She let him off the hook. She said it was fine and all for the best, but she was trying to convince herself. It was just easier that way. If she admitted to herself that she had fallen and hard, then she would have to feel the hurt.

What she didn't realize at the time was that she would feel it anyway. She knew it made no sense. He wasn't anything like anyone she had been interested in before. The looks, the lifestyle, the background- nothing seemed to make any sense about this match. But the heart doesn't always make sense, it simply wants what it wants.

The worst part was that she really wasn't looking for it. It found her when she wasn't looking and it snuck up on her. She thought it would be all fun and games, but it hit her with a depth she wasn't prepared for.

When she told me the story, I wasn't sure what she wanted me to say. I felt bad that she was hurting, for I had certainly been there before myself. I knew how hard it was to get someone out of your head once they had taken hold of your heart.

The hardest part is when you never even got to tell them how you really feel. All I could do is send her a song...

hope this helps~

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