August 22, 2011

I'm Still Here and I'm Still Me. :-)

Good Morning!

It is a gorgeous day in Central Florida! So beautiful, in fact, that you would never guess that we might have a hurricane here by Thursday or Friday:

I'm not worried, of course. I lived here in 2004 when we had Charlie, Frances, and Jeanne. UGH. I will simply stock up on water and canned goods in case the power is out for an extended length of time if it comes through here. 

I am really glad to live in Lakeland where we have our own power company. It's a much shorter wait to get the lights back on than when we lived out in the county on the far edge of TECO's coverage. I also live in a giant cement building and we have city water now, instead of a septic system. Amen!

I am something of a storm junkie. I love weather systems. It's exciting to watch the radars and see what's coming and how far it extends across the state before it's over. I should have been a meteorologist. LOL

And our skies... The Florida skies are just gorgeous when the rain moves in. The Northern skies were just plain gray. Blah. We get all kinds of amazing sky here. 

Enough about the weather. In other news, my life is going really well. Cassidy left yesterday with Jessica and they got to Ohio in the middle of the night, all safe and sound. Tomorrow she will drive to Alex at school in Indiana to drop off his boxes, then finish the trip to Illinois. 

Now it is just the three of us. Maddie has already made the apartment look great! We have all kinds of room in our bedroom and our closet now, too. LOL 

Last week's work on the art studio in the dining room has really paid off, too. I have been working on three or four projects throughout the week, doing a little more here and there and "Arting every day." It is so good for my spirit. I am sleeping better, and feeling more balanced. Creating is just so good for my soul...

Speaking of Soul... One of my dreams is to take off on a journey once the kids are out of the house. I want to dye my hair pink, hop in my RV with Annie and take off on the ultimate journey of freedom. I even have my outfit all planned for the day I drive away. :-) I will sell my Art and do freelance writing to support myself, my dog, and my lifestyle.

I plan on selling everything I have left by then and having my mobile house totally paid for before I leave. That way my bills will only be insurance, maintenance, cell & internet, gas and living expenses. I am also willing to do Workamping to make it happen. The plan is to try it for one year. Just 365 days with no one making demands on my who, what, where, and when. I also love the idea of having no permanent address. Wherever I am will be home.

After I fulfill my 365 mission, I will decide if I want to put down roots. That will be a well-informed decision after finally seeing so many parts of the country. I may be surprised at where I end up, but I suspect it will not be Florida. I do love it here, but it makes me crazy that the first 5 hours of any road trip is just getting out of this state! :-P

Yep, I have plenty more research to do. I was all set on a midsize Class C with a bicycle ntil I looked at the Airstreams. Now I have to find a vehicle that wold tow it and still feel like a "Jodi" car. That's a challenge, for sure!

I'm off to do more dreaming... Have a great day!


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ana s. said...

Jody, my uncle in law works for an amusement park during the summer months in Iowa and then goes to Texas to the same RV park each winter. The park treats all their adult summer workers really well because they are mature workers and do a good job. Might be something to think about. Ana