August 29, 2011

I know I have slowed down my blogging significantly in the last few weeks. I am still writing, dreaming, thinking, debating, and investigating. I simply haven't had my computer handy whenever I have things to blog about. You see, I have been spending much more time lately simply being... still.

I am usually a very frenzied active person with seven things going at once. I certainly thrive on chaos, as my closest friends can attest. Recently, however, I have been compelled to slow down and just be. I am trying to listen to what my soul has to say about my here and now, as well as my future. I have a long history of running so fast through my life that I sometimes don't even notice what path I am on until I happen to notice it's going in the wrong direction.

The second of my college kids left for school and our lives are settling back down. We had a miscommunication with the private school that oversees our homeschool records, and the little two have been delayed in starting their high school adventure. They will be in their new schedules by Wednesday of this week and everything will be fine, but it gave me some extra days to cherish their company before they go speeding down that path toward their grown-up lives and have no time for mom any more.

I have also been caught up in drama at work. Nothing that was created by me, or is even dependent on me to flourish, but drama that affects my entire shift each night. UGH. I have been coming home each day and sleeping until I have to go back, except for a couple hours that I spend with the kids. I am mentally exhausted and I am looking forward to my time off this weekend.

I want to make art so badly. I have so many ideas swimming in my head and I look forward to having the time to stay awake long enough to create something. I have been working on bits and pieces here and there, but I need to drag out my supplies and start anew for the next thing I am ready to work on. 

I am also looking forward to seeing someone who has been patiently enduring my neglect of our friendship. I hope it hasn't been six months yet- we have rules!


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