August 31, 2011

Blog worthy!

Well, I just found out that I have some fun plans this weekend while I am off of work!

I took this weekend off back in July because I had something I wanted to do. Those plans were nixed a while ago, but I kept the vacation time as I realized I simply need some time to rejuvenate after this crazy summer. I made a decision that I would spend the weekend catching up with friends that I just haven't had time to get together with enough this year, and I would SERIOUSLY work on Art.

Well, I am slowly shoring up my plans and I am getting excited now! Cigar guy and I just decided to spend Saturday together doing something we both love but have never had a chance to do together... 

I am really looking forward to seeing him again. He is truly one of my very best friends. We met in December 2006 when he read a post of mine online and contacted me because I made him laugh so hard he spit Diet Pepsi on his keyboard. LOL We met for drinks and the rest, as they say, is History. He has been there for me through dating sagas, a marriage and now a divorce, and he has seen me at my best and at my worst. He makes me laugh, he infuriates me, he makes me feel smart and special, he asks me bizarre questions at the strangest moments... One night he drove 160 miles from start to finish because seeing me was worth it. :-) 

He is a true friend for life. I love him dearly and I have been "in love" with him at one time. He has a special knack for getting me to do the strangest, wildest things that I would never even consider doing for anyone else. LOL He calls himself a realist, and he is truly the smartest person I have ever known. 

I do enjoy calling him out on his crap, though. I am good at reminding him that there is always another side to every story and another way to look at things that may not necessarily be *wrong*, just different.

I recently found that I have another friend who has a similar connection with me. Like Cigar Guy, I thought we may be dating material when we first met. Along the way I found out that he, too, is much more important than the next guy in the list of failed relationships, and that he will also be a very special friend for the rest of our lives. 

For completely different reasons, we have a bizarre connection that only we understand even we don't understand. LOL He is smart, funny, and adorable, infuriating, and makes me CRAZY just like Cigar Guy, but I love him just the same. 

On the surface we couldn't be more different. We have lived very different lives, have different goals for our futures and we have wildly different opinions about life and the world we live in. And yet, he has told me I am one of his very favorite people and he is surely one of mine. :-) I believe that the Universe has crossed our paths because we have lessons to teach each other in this life. 

Today I am grateful for these two men. They have each shown me that there ARE good men in this world and that the best way to enjoy the gifts they have to bring into my life is to just let go and let it happen. 

Thank you both for teaching me to stop trying so hard and just LIVE!


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