September 8, 2011

Back to Reality

I have been MIA for a while as I was off of work and spent my days relaxing. After being home for six nights, I will be going back to work and back to reality tonight. I spent most of the week getting reacquainted with my recliner. :-)

All four kids are back in their schools and life is rolling along smoothly. I fully intend to slow down and enjoy this ride for as long as I can. I began by spending a day with Cigar Guy recently. :-) 

As usual, we laughed, we talked about everything under the sun, and I was more relaxed than I had been in a long time. He is always so good for me. I always drive home feeling calm and at peace about myself and my life. Everyone should have a friend that reminds them of who they really are. I am blessed to have several.

In other news I have NOT been Arting. I am stuck. I have a block. I began all kinds of things with a purpose and never did finish any of them. 


As I am typing this, I just realized that IS the block! I was trying too hard to fulfill a purpose and not just creating for the sake of creating. I was forcing it by having a "plan" for my finished product, instead of simply expressing myself and letting the finish tell me what it's purpose should be...

As usual, writing freed my soul. 
I'm off to create~

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Cigar Guy said...

Under the sun. I like that.