October 8, 2011

I'm Still Here :-)

Well, I thought I had better pop in here and let you know I am still alive. LOL 

Life is going really well. This is the first time my life has been calm, peaceful, and uncomplicated since... well... ok, probably EVER! And it actually feels really good. So, I have basically been working and coming home to chill and enjoy time with my children. 

This week I did go out one night with my dear friend Cigar Guy. As usual, it was a wonderful evening with intelligent conversation, fun smart humor, and I even "walked the plank" four times! LOL Before the evening was over, we had discussed everything I cannot discuss with most people because they are either not smart enough to understand, or just don't want to know. And, of course, there were secrets... HeeHee...

I do believe this was the first time I was out with anyone other than my mother since I saw him on Labor Day weekend. I am doing my usual homebody "nesting" thing I tend to do in the Fall. Also, right now I am working on a project that is really important to me and I want to finish it before I leave for Indiana in a few weeks, so I have incentive to stay home.

Speaking of my project, I just blogged about it here. I know- two blogs in one day! What the hell happened to Jodi, right? LOL

I hope this day finds all of you healthy, wealthy and loved unconditionally.

~Until next time

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