October 12, 2011

I'm Bored...

It began simply enough... I was enjoying my recliner. I sat and relaxed, and just calmly experienced the peace that has become my life the way it is now. Just me and the little two, happy at home. 

But as the days went by: work, sleep, work, sleep, I fell into a mundane existence where sleep became my escape from the boredom. Finally, I realized I was slipping into a hole and I had better get out before it got any deeper. I knew something was up when I went out with a friend and spent the first hour wondering why I had bothered to leave my house. Thankfully, this friend always makes me feel good and I had a nice time. But it really showed me that I have fallen away again into that space where I forget who I am and why I am here.

At work it is easy enough to be social and go through the motions. But once I get home, I lose all motivation to accomplish anything. I eventually got back to my stitching. That's always a great place to begin. But it wasn't long before that turned into another excuse not to leave the recliner. I haven't even gone to Barnes & Noble in weeks. 

So, today I am looking for ways to jump start my enthusiasm for life. Inspiration to make something arty or find a reason to go out by myself like I used to. 

~anyone have any ideas??

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EvalinaMaria said...

What do you like to do? I love taking pictures and very often I'm going for walks with my camera. I love stitching and I joined a local guild (we are meeting once a month) and a long time ago I joined local lions club. In this club we meet twice a month.