June 9, 2012

Day 1... Again

I had a health scare this weekend. It really showed me that I take my health for granted. One minute I am sleeping all snuggly in my bed, and the next moment I am awakened by a gripping tightness in the middle of my chest. It was getting worse as the minutes went by, with no change as I repositioned, trying to go back to sleep.

I finally got up and had my coffee, pretending to be fine for the kids. I only told Al until he convinced me I should go to the hospital. I let him take me to the ER where they had me hooked up to an EKG immediately upon hearing the words "chest pain."

After 22-1/2 hours, three blood tests, a stress test, and numerous visits from various doctors, I was told it was not a heart attack, everything looks good, but my heart muscle is weak and I MUST lose weight.

So, today I went swimming, drank four glasses of water so far, took my vitamins and thought long and hard about what really matters to me...

Day 1.

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