June 20, 2012

Not a great week

I'm in a funk. This one seems to be lasting and I just can't figure out what's bothering me. Sure, I've had some really good days here and there, but overall there has been this underlying current of uneasiness.

Like Saturday... Friday night I had a really great night with the TaxMan. It was a fun night with good company and quality conversation. Then on Saturday I felt like I was walking around in a fog. It almost felt like when you take a sleeping pill and you wake up and can't get clear-headed. I went tanning alone and from the time I left the house I just felt strange. I felt like I was disconnected from the world around me.

Since then, I haven't slept well and I have been moody and sad. I know there must be some underlying thing going on in my mind, because I've had other good things going on. Work is fine. Home is fine. I even got a solution I've been waiting for to a problem I was dealing with for six weeks. That should have had me sleeping great yesterday, but my insomnia only got worse.

At this point I'm about ready to take a sleeping pill for real, just to get some much needed rest. I keep tossing and turning and waking up every hour or so. It is really bothering me that I don't know what's wrong...

I guess I'll have to do some stream of consciousness writing and see what comes up.

~ wondering

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Gaston Glock said...

Your new membership will afford the opportunity for deep contemplation, literally stripped of all outside interference. That is, if you use it.

Now what we need is some damned sunshine.