June 26, 2012

Through a turquoise door...

Sometimes, if you wait long enough, you get your dreams back.

Looking back at my old blog did help. It reminded me of what was most important to me. Having a studio that truly inspired me to create.

I want a little cottage that is painted purple, with a turquoise door. Each room will be a different bright color and there will be Art everywhere. A fully immersive experience.

Coming home will truly feel like *coming home*. Each space will feel uniquely Jodi and bring a smile to my soul as walk through from room to room.

There will be lime, and salmon, and raspberry. (Why are all the good colors named after food?) There will be Art that I made and Art I have acquired from other inspired souls.

Each new day will bring surprises. Inspiration, ideas, and visitors curious to see the latest addition.

There will be a privacy fence so I can paint in the sunshine and make a mural surrounding me. I will sit under the tree in the backyard, sipping coffee and dreaming up the next idea to add to the mural.

I will make a sculpture garden and they will be people of all shapes and sizes made out of anything I can find, just like we saw on our road trip.

It will truly be an Artist's cottage and I will make it anything and everything I want it to be.

Because its my turn.

And I deserve it.

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