June 27, 2012

Waiting for a phone call

No, not some dumb guy. LOL Well, technically it is a guy, but this has nothing to do with dating. This is important. This is my future. This is happening!

My friend asked me a simple question last night. And with that question came the answer I have been waiting for. As I thought about the answer to her question, I realized that what she was really getting at was THE ANSWER!

She wasn't really asking me how old my daughter was! She was saying "could adding your daughter to the equation be the answer to your issue?" Right then, my daughter texted me! Freaky!

So now Cassidy, Madalin, and I share this dream. We will do anything we have to to make it happen. It is ours now. This is finally the time. And we DESERVE IT.

Off to pick out some paint! ~

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