August 13, 2012


For years I was really not a fan of tattoos. My only exposure to them had been primarily in movies and on television where a biker type dude had a skull and dagger or "Mom" in the stereotypical heart on his chest. Ugh.

In recent years, I have become acquainted with numerous people who have a wider variety of personal expression inked into their ankles, shoulders and arms. I still don't understand the appeal of having a permanent sleeve, but I have a greater respect for the expression behind it.

With my recent addiction to Pinterest I have run across some amazing tattoo photos that intrigue me. It has almost become a research study for me at this point.

As a perpetual student of human nature, I am fascinated by the idea of so many people wanting to permanently alter their own skin. What is it about our world that has made this ever-growing phenomenon so appealing?

I have a few theories. Perhaps the impersonal nature of our technologically advancing society has made human beings yearn for a declaration of personal freedom and expression that tattoos can provide?

Perhaps it's just another fad that the twenty something's will regret when they are 45 and their children are old enough to ask awkward questions based on what they hear at school.

Perhaps it's an addiction, and once you are "inked" for the first time you want more.

All I know is that I have been wanting one for a very long time. I have decided upon two distinctly different ideas. One would be very easy to hide at work; the other not so much.

As soon as I find what I am looking for, and save up the money, I will be getting one. :-)

Because I can...

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