August 26, 2012

When you're not looking...

...there it is.

I had a crazy week, and it ended in such a surprise that I am truly taken aback. I went on a date that was nothing like I had imagined it would be. Hhmmm....

Plenty to think about. It was ironic that he wondered if I had someone at home and that I might be playing games. That thought had never occurred to me before. Ha ha! I'm so used to being played, it never entered my mind that a man would be worried I was playing him. Imagine that...

Island man is definitely getting a second date. There is so much there to explore and learn from. I look forward to the process. I look forward to getting to know more about this man that has done so many things, and experienced things I never thought about before.

I can see he has arrived at a time when I am ready to learn the lessons he has to teach me. My soul feels peace about this.

It has nothing to do with dating, or relationships. It's the kind of feeling I had when Michael found me. I wish I hadn't lost him. Perhaps I should revive the search. Sherri was the only one who ever met him.

I always felt like we were supposed to have a deeper connection, but we could never seem to get there. Now I understand that I was not spiritually mature enough yet. How I miss those days of talking in his kitchen while he cooked for us. Or discussing Art while he was up on a ladder under the orange trees and I was below with the bag.

I guess I am feeling that Spirit has sent me another Island man to learn the next lesson, and I am so grateful.

The amazing thing is that I know it affected him, too. :-)

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