August 24, 2012

People crack me up!

I am constantly amazed by people. I really don't know why. I mean, after all that I have been through, nothing should shock me anymore. LOL

And yet, people continue to surprise me. You get mad at someone for lying to you, and they get all righteously indignant that you called them a liar. Well, you either lied to me or you're lying to yourself. Either way, significants facts were misleadingly withheld. Duh.

This week I have listened to more pathetic stories from so many whiners who don't appreciate what they have. It's makes me want to puke. And in a couple of days I'll have to sit around and listen to another pathetic story of why *I'm* wrong. Blech!

All I know is that I have always been honest with the people I care about. Have I lied to myself? Sure. But I have never intentionally lied to my friends. In fact, I've shared details that I did not have to share with anyone in an attempt to be frank and open with people that are important to me.

But I guess that doesn't matter. Oh well. It's my weekend and I'm going out to have fun! Life's too short to waste on ignorance and I'm tired of holding myself back. I'm jumping in with both feet!

Wanna watch?

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