September 2, 2012

Sometimes your choices come with a cost

People do things every day without realizing the effect it can have on those around them. When we make choices, we must understand that this can cause others to evaluate and make choices as well.

This is not a good or bad thing. This is simply an observation that everything in the Universe is connected. One flap of a butterfly's wings can set off a chain reaction of events that span the globe.

The same way each of us have choices, we all have consequences as well. Perception is everything and actions speak louder than words. If your actions are not consistent with your language, then it is only natural for people to be confused about your intentions.

Every individual choice adds up to a distinct path in your journey. How you spend your moments, is how you spend your life. If this is true, then how you choose to spend your time defines who you are and where your priorities lie.

There are no wrong choices. There are only lessons we need to learn. Among those lessons is the reality that our choices affect the people who love us. It is what it is.

One can hope that every choice we make is for the good of all concerned. However, since we are ultimately only responsible for ourselves, and not the reactions that our decisions may provoke in other people, we may never understand the consequences of our decisions until they are staring us in the face.

The good news is that friendship heals all wounds. A wise person once told me they don't do relationships because they always end up badly with both parties hating each other and gone from each other's lives, but we can be friends to the death. Today this is the most comforting thought I can think of.

True friends are forever. They are there through thick and thin. They give advice, and even when unheeded, they are still waiting on the other side. Friends may argue and fight in circles, but it doesn't change the love they have for each other. A friend will still be there to dry your eyes and buy you a drink when it's all over.

Friends share their darkest secrets and know that they are safe in the other's heart. They appreciate each other's journey even when it causes them pain. They want only the best for each other, even when they wish it didn't change the way things were.

I am very blessed to have so many friends that love me and respect my choices. They may not always understand them, but they support me on my path to my future, wherever that may lead. And I am always willing to do the same.

My life has been deeply affected by my friends. I hold each of them in my heart with love, and respect, and appreciation... Even when that might not be obvious to them based on our mutual choices.

I truly love my friends... and I thank you all for making me who I am today. ~

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