September 3, 2012

I should be sleeping.

I should be sleeping right now. I worked last night and I have a date at 6:00. Peter and I are going to the movies before I go to work. :-)

When Alex was in high school, we tried to go out once a week. It was a time just for us. It didn't matter what we did, or where we went. It was about mom making a regular time just for him.

Pete is 15 and spent the last year of his life barely speaking at home. I have watched him blossom this summer- going from an introverted Freshman trying to find his place in life to a more confident young man moving forward. He is handsome and smart and very shy. A foreign concept for me, that's for sure. LOL

We both love movies, and the second run theater is at the other end of town. This gives ample opportunity to talk with mom in the car if he chooses to, but there is no pressure, just going to see a show. Us moms are sneaky like that. Lol

I should be sleeping right now because I am still recovering from the whirlwind of change swirling through my life lately. Did you know that I have lost weight? Saturday morning I realized I hadn't eaten since Thursday night at work. I simply forgot to eat all day on Friday! Wow. In all my life I have never forgotten to eat! Sure, I've missed a meal when I was so lost in my art that hunger was not on my radar. But I have never gone a day and a half before I realized I hadn't eaten!

Is this satisfaction? Fulfillment? Happiness? I look better and feel better than I have in a long time. I was already working on getting healthier, but I now have someone reminding me to slow down and take care of myself. It's nice. :-)

I should be sleeping.

Perhaps I will Just rest a bit before I have to get ready...

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