September 6, 2012

I'm still here

Today I finally slept and I got some good perspective. I feel grounded and life is in clear focus once more.

In fact, I even had an idea pop into my head on the way to work. :-) For a while now I have been wanting to buy an engraved ring to celebrate my singleness. It is a spinner band with words on the outside as well as the inside. The only reason I haven't ordered it yet is because I was still deciding what it should say...

Things have gotten a little crazy around here. Katie moved in and it has been a blessing. I began dating someone new and he makes me really happy. An old friend came back into my life with an interesting business proposal that I am excited about. And then there are all of the new art ideas swimming in my head.

It's enough to make a lesser woman get overwhelmed. But not me. LOL I am a busy Queen who thrives in chaos. I feel more like Jodi than ever, and I am excited to imagine all of the possibilities before me. All I need now is some clarity and focus in the studio.

Yeah, I'm still here. And better than ever! ~

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