December 12, 2012

Moving Forward

Two months ago I wrote about being in the stillness of transition. I knew one chapter had ended, and I thought a new one was to come. I was right.

When we get quiet long enough to listen, we can hear our life speaking direction. It whispers in the stillness. Trust. Trust led me to let go, and in that opening where the old had been, new direction came.

What I asked for was a financial change. It came in a way that I could not have imagined, and I am blessed. Rather than a windfall, I had a life change. I found a new home, new roommates, and so much more. In the midst of the move, I got very ill, flew to surprise my daughter in Illinois, and came home to watch her sister celebrate her 19th birthday with her first grownup job. :-)

Lots of things in our life just got better after we took the leap of faith and broke our lease to move. Our roommates had positive changes, too. It's as if we all needed this shift into our next segment of the journey. We have a home filled with family, and love, and laughter. For the first time, all of my pets are allowed and accepted. My kids have both of their parents any time they want. And I have all kinds of pressure off of my shoulders. The great weight of doing it all alone for so long has been lifted.

Now is my time to settle in. Now is my time to keep trusting and see what is to follow on this new path. Now is my time to work on and for myself.

~ I am ready.

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