October 10, 2012


Today is already off kilter. I've been in my head since yesterday, and now the day's plan is crumbling all around me.

I put in for some vacation time this morning. If it gets approved, I will be off in three weeks, weekend to weekend.I really need it. I have no idea what I'll do or where I will go without a vacation budget, but I truly just need some time away from it all...

They are both playing with my head and making me crazy. I haven't seen either of them since the weekend, but both of these dear friends have been in my head and my heart for days.

I wrote a short piece last night and posted it on FB. I don't do bossy. I can't stand it when people tell me what to do! I also don't appreciate people trying to make me into what *they* want me to be. Just love me as I am, dammit!

Seriously, it took me a very long time to learn how to love myself AS IS, and I have no intention of making changes for someone else. That's why I will never get married again. I eventually make compromise after compromise for the sake of the relationship, until I am not me anymore. Then the man goes off to find someone like I used to be! Duh!

So, yeah, single but in a relationship works just fine. And apparently I'm in one. Lol actually, even close friendships are relationships, so I'm actually in more than one. But don't tell that to #1. LOL He will FREAK OUT because he "doesn't DO relationships. LMAO.

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