December 22, 2012

Not a freaking clue!

So I'm having a lovely lazy Saturday. I did tons of chores and errands yesterday and I feel like I got enough done to justify using a personal day for Thursday night. Now it's time to plan for the night's festivities.

I've been thinking more about the whole single status thing. For a long time now I have realized that I have no idea what it is I really want. I love being my own person and doing whatever the hell I want to from one day to the next. I do get lonely at times and wish that I had someone to text every day and say hello, and maybe even "I love you".

But when I stop and think about being in a serious relationship and making promises, I realize I have no intention of promising anybody anything right now. I love having choices, options... "goals". LOL

Sure, if someone found me and was truly able to accept me as I am, anything could happen. But I'm not looking for it. And, as we have already established, I have serious issues believing anyone can be true. So I guess the best explanation of where I am at would be to say that I am open to all of the possibilities that life has to offer. And when someone or something happens to change my view on love and relationships, then I'll deal with it when it happens.

In the meantime, it's Saturday! And I'm ready to party! :-p

~ always moving forward

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