August 31, 2013

Friday Night...

So, this is where I am tonight. As usual, in the darkness of the night, I find truth. I am sitting here , alone, and I find it comforting.... it is home. I have my coffee, and my cigarettes. My friends... Coffee is always there for me. The warmth, the taste, it never disappoints.

Some days, my life is amazing. I have friends who truly love me as I am, and then... there are the men who don't deserve me.

If you are among the very few that I love, with all my heart, you have received a gift so priceless... how dare you treat it with casual indifference. When I love, I love so wholly, so completely, you will never know a love so true as mine.

It is a blessing, like none you have ever experienced, and it is not to be taken lightly.

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