December 1, 2013

Our Society is so Ironic

It is so fascinating to me how our society globs onto one concept forsaking all others. Take "The Cure", for example. 

We want to fine the The Cure for diabetes, The Cure for breast cancer, The Cure for autism. You never hear about a walk to find The Cause.

I think this is a beautiful illustration of our American culture in general. We don't want to actually stop eating and drinking the things that are KNOWN to cause these issues. We just want to make sure we have a cure after the damage is done. 

It has been proven over and over that a healthy diet and regular exercise can prevent so many health issues and "epidemics" in our nation. Even still, our general population will wolf down McDonald's on the way to the movie theater where they will drink soda and eat candy, while sitting sedentary for two hours.

We drink water out of disposable bottles made with BPA, that has been proven to be a direct cause of cancer, especially breast cancer.  There is also the problem of these water bottles finding their way into oceans and landfills, seeping their chemicals into our water and food supply. But do we fight to get rid of the plastic bottles, or at the very least, DEMAND that they are made with safer materials? Of course not. We simply want to champion the cause of a Cure for the ails that they cause.

Now I will admit that I am just as guilty as the next person. Please do not think I am sitting on some high horse, looking down on my society. Rather, I am observing a phenomenon that has been socially engineered into our culture for decades.

The powers that be make a LOT of money off of our ignorance. They sell us the problems, market the reasons these things will make our life better, then sell us the things that will ease our discomfort once the damage is done.

Ultimately though, it is our own ignorance that prevents us from realizing we deserve a better standard if living, and we will not get it until we DEMAND IT. 

~ Just pondering a few random thought over sugar laden coffee filled with chemical powder meant to taste like cream....

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