December 31, 2013

Word of The Year 2014

So I realized a week ago that I hadn't picked a word to focus on for 2014. I pick a word each New Year to be the theme that I will use for creating the next step in my life. The word is like a touchstone of sorts to help me stay focused on my dreams for my future as well as what I want in the here and now. 

I thought about the fact that I REALLY want to start the year off focusing on my Art and making it my primary career. I want to get into a regular practice of making Art every day. I want to get my design business going again and really dive into my creative self. 

So... Ladies and Gentlemen, the word of the year for 2014 is...



Katie said...

Perfect. I look forward to seeing what you create.

She's Just Jodi said...

And I look forward to showing everyone what I create! :-)