June 29, 2011

A Brand New Day

Yesterday I slept during the day, I slept at Mom's and missed Tuesday night Family Dinner, and then I slept all night in my bed. Today I feel better than ever and ready to conquer the world.

It is a beautiful day filled with possibilities for dreaming, for growth and for adventure... I cant wait to see what the day brings!

Yesterday I had an excellent talk with a good friend who reminded me that if someone can let one mistake wipe away everything that came before, then it wasn't solid to begin with and probably never will be. Today I see the wisdom in that. I give my friends and loved ones total acceptance of who they are and who they have been in their past, and I need to expect the same in my relationships, or we are not equal. 

My friends know that my biggest fault is my foot-in-mouth problem. They know that I will never hurt them on purpose, I am loyal to the death, and I would help a friend in need at any hour or in any situation. I love to get excited when people I care about have good things come to them, and I will cheer on their victories louder than anyone else. They also know that when someone hurts them, I will be ready to defend them to the death, or comfort them as they see fit. I am a true friend in every sense of the word.

They all pretty much understand that the worst they will get from me is an occasional case of saying exactly the wrong thing at the worst possible time. LOL But apparently I am worth putting up with, because I do have plenty of friends who love me the way I am. And that is also why I am in such a good mood today. Two of my three screw-ups have been cleared up and we are all stronger for it. Hopefully the third one will communicate with me today and let me know where we stand. All I can do is hope they have seen enough of me by now to know that I truly do care how they are feeling more than anything else.

My mouth may be big, but my heart knows no bounds. :-)

moving forward~

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