June 29, 2011

Catching up on Picture a Day

Day #3: Monday, June 27th:

This is Bitsy, being a Crafty Cat as we sorted through ALL of my fabric in the studio on Monday. All fabric was inspected, categorized, and re-organized in an effort to choose some for a new project. Of course, being me, by the time I got this far:

and put the sewing machine on the table, I decided I would rather paint, or write that day. Alex thought that was hysterical, of course. LOL He knows me too well, that one! I did end up writing, a lot! My journal is really getting put to good use these days....

Day #4: Tuesday, June 28th:

At 3:15am I received a call from my favorite Summer Season Tour Operator that there would be three busloads of International teenagers arriving at their building in FIVE minutes and could I please be there with backup to keep the noise in check!! Now, I adore this particular tour operator (for his professionalism, of course! The fact that he is adorable and loves me, too, has nothing to do with it!) but really, he knew ALL NIGHT what time they were arriving and he calls me five minutes before they show up?? Not a nice way to kick off the season, for sure.

The good news is that it was an incredibly smooth process, which is exactly why he is my favorite. They are professionals who take their role quite seriously, and it all went down like a well-oiled machine. Unfortunately, I did have to stay out at that building for almost TWO HOURS in humidity that was dripping off of us, while the smile plastered on my face was cramping my mouth muscles. LOL In the end it was worth it, though. My poor partner was the one that had to speak with the guests woken up at 4am because 180 people and their luggage were arriving to their building and getting settled into their rooms. 

Ah, Latin Season. Gotta love it! The next six weeks are where we EARN our pay for the entire year. We are THE Groups resort and this is our mainstay. Of course, after all was said and done, Stoney informed me that Brazil just changed their passport process, making it easier, and we could possibly have twice as many next year....


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