June 17, 2011


In my studies of self-awareness through meditation and the Metaphysical, there is a lot of talk about clearing old emotional blocks. These can literally be emotional memories stored within your cells. The mind/body connection has been proven over and over and studies have shown that what is happening on the mental or emotional level has a direct correlation with what manifests in our physical bodies. This happened to me in January of this year.

Facing the emotions tied to these memories is crucial to clearing them from your path in order to move forward on your journey. Deep-rooted pains and traumas can keep you locked into old ways of thinking and being that are not healthy and can definitely hinder your emotional and spiritual growth. A clearing of these blocks is necessary for any progress to be made toward reaching the next level of awareness and consciousness.

From the moment I let go and stepped into my flow, unafraid to face whatever comes up, I have been on a journey of facing my own traumas and fears. It is an uncomfortable process for sure. But with each step forward, I walk through the pain to the other side, where there is only light and peace and freedom.

I just posted a story that began with a song and ended in a heartache. But once the heartache was faced and I understood what it was trying to tell me, I have clarity and peace. I can breathe deeper and easier after walking straight through it and coming out on the other side. I feel the joy after the rain. 

When the student is ready, the teacher will come. I am finally ready to do the hard work and feel the growth within the painful process of clearing. The exhilaration on the other side beckons me to take the next step on my journey.


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