June 17, 2011

Lisa Nichols never lets me down. :-)

Lately I have had a lot of time in my car to think. I generally get stuck on one play list for a while because the songs resonate with where my spirit is at in that particular time and place. I play the same six or seven songs over and over and they "imprint" on my memory where I am in my journey. These last few weeks have been no different.

There has been a playlist I have listened to almost exclusively for two weeks now because I felt the songs were trying to help me connect to something. The problem is, I was getting in my own way and the message was not coming through. Until now.

Putting myself out there to start dating again was a big, scary step. But I did it, and already I have learned so much. I have learned that I had not fully come to terms with my past. I learned that I was holding onto past hurts and letting them get in the way of my future. And I learned that I didn't trust myself going forward on this journey. All of that was making me feel insecure and unlovable.

Naturally, since I made a commitment to fully live in flow, the Universe has had me hurtling into the chaotic mess of feeling what was really going on and dealing with it. I have spent the last 24 hours doing that and I have a new wisdom and insight that is long overdue.

This afternoon a storm put our power out for an hour. I went to bed and was looking for a sleep meditation when I found an interview I had downloaded and never listened to with Marci Shimoff interviewing Lisa Nichols. It was amazing. Lisa Nichols always reminds me of my truth and teaches me how to break through the crap and get real. 

Through the hour long program, I was reminded that only *I* can be responsible for my happiness. I have to remember my value and treat myself with the same love I expect from anyone else. No one else can "fill my tank" as her story illustrated. Sure, I have known this for a very long time. But we all get off track sometimes and need a reminder to tell us how to "Snap out of it!" And today I got mine.

So, here in writing for all the world to see:

I commit to putting my own needs first in my own life. 

Love myself and treat me properly so that others can see how I expect to be loved and treated. 

And I commit to continue to make the changes I need to make to remain that joyous, enthusiastic, passionate, creative person I was always meant to be. 

I will not make my future pay for my past, and I will trust that all new people, things, and experiences are here to bring me greater joy in connecting with my natural instincts.

Thank you, readers, for following along on this wild ride. It is my one wish that something I share with you may help you on your own journey to finding your truth and your joy. :-)


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