June 20, 2011

Update on Annabelle

Lots of people have been asking me to post pictures of Annie outside of facebook, so here are a few new ones of my darling princess:

She is five months old and still very small. She looks just like her daddy, Blackjack, and she is staying quite small like him, too. At 16 weeks, she weighed 8 lbs and the vet said she is approximately half of her adult weight at that age and she should be about 15 lbs fully grown. This would put her just above Blackjack's 13 lbs, but well below Mandy's 20 lbs, so I am quite pleased. 

I researched for three months to select the right breed for my life now and in the future. Then I spent more time finding the right breeder so I would truly have a small dog. Annie has definitely been worth the effort. 

My baby loves the kitchen floor! Actually, she loves any smooth, cool surface. Even in her crate at night, she bunches up the towel on one end and sleeps on the smooth bottom.

But her favorite place in the whole house is on the bottom shelf of the glass bookcase. She runs through the apartment playing with the cats and teasing Maggie, then hides in "her spot" to catch her breath. This is also her napping corner when is done playing tug o' war and leaving baby teeth on the carpet...

It is almost time to have her spayed. It's very important to do it soon before she gets much bigger, but there is a lot of emotion there for me. Penny and I had our MAJOR bonding experience when she came home from being spayed shortly after I had my surgery... I remember laying on the bed after work and just holding her for hours. Penny always knew she was MY dog after that day. 

I miss Penny... 

Some things you just can't forgive~

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