June 21, 2011

More Course Correcting...

Last night I was talking to my new admirer about our upcoming date. I explained that it was a pretty big deal to me because I do not give third dates. As I mentioned in a recent post, until he came along I was content with a never ending string of texting, emailing, and perhaps a date or two before I moved on. This was my weak attempt at never letting anyone get too close to hurt me. 

Then he came along. Someone who fascinates me, keeps me guessing, makes me want to learn about things I previously had no interest in. It's not just the good looks, the nice body, the great smile. It's the intellect, the way he looks right at me when we talk, the fact that we can talk at all.

I want to know more. And I am willing to throw away the rules and let it flow. Sure, it scares the hell out of me to take a chance. But he is worth it. And so am I. 

So here I go... no rules, no expectations, just one day at a time...

keep breathing~

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